Philip Gordon

Arabic to English Translator



Superb knowledge and experience:

        A degree in Arabic intended for Arabs from an Arab university (Cairo 1975).

        Over 25 years experience of living and using Arabic for work in the Middle East.

        Membership of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting.

        In-house translator in the Middle East 1986-1994. Freelance translator from 1994.

        Work experience of using Arabic in Business, Computers, Administration, the Military, Journalism, Teaching. Long experience in the translation of Legal, Financial, Banking and Engineering and Technical documents. Degrees in Physics and Theology.

        Long experience of reading Arabic hand-written documents.

Good production facilities:

        Word-processed output using Word for Windows and ability to handle EXCEL files.

        E-mail delivery via broadband.

        Hard copy on laser printer available.

        Complete computer & printer backup systems and UPS.

Fast, accurate and efficient service:

        Fast turn-round for short documents at no extra charge, subject to workload.

Reasonable prices:

        Normally 95= per 1,000 words of target (English) language. Minimum charge 35=.

        Discounts for genuine translation agencies.



Philip Gordon

8 Carriage Parc, Goonhavern, Truro, Cornwall, TR4 9QW.

Tel & Fax 01872 573615;



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